Import illustrations and graphs into e2publish

January 3, 2010 at 12:16 pm Leave a comment

With the latest beta version of e2publish, users can import illustrations or graphs (e2vector or e2spreadsheet) into their document.  There are updated versions of all three applications from my website.  I’ve also got around to implementing native windows for Windows PC users (and presumably Linux users? … Can a Linux user verify that everything works ok?)

To import .e2s or .e2v content, simply press the picture import icon, but instead of choosing a .jpg or .png image, choose a file saved from one of my other AIR applications.

A spreadsheet may have more than one graph – so just click on the one you want:-

The cartoons shown are actually imported from Flash, via the import (.fxg) feature.  So it’s possible to include illustrations in e2publish that originated in flash, or from the Creative Commons (.svg) library via e2vector’s search feature.

One more feature worthy of a mention is the ability to save favourite page layouts.  In the “template” drop-down menu, notice that there’s a plus symbol in the bottom right corner.  Select it to save the current page layout as a favourite.  To remove a layout from the favourites click on the (X) symbol.

Please, please leave me your comments and suggestions.  These are very sophisticated AIR applications, so I need plenty of testing and feedback before I’m happy with releasing a version 1.0.

The next beta releases will incorporate the ability to collaborate, share and browse an online filesystem of documents.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Update: There seems to be a problem on a Windows PC (and presumably Linux too) – with opening a saved document by clicking on the file icon.  But opening a file from within the application is ok.

On a Mac – everything is fine.


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A new beta version of e2publish Share e2 documents online

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