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A new beta version of e2publish

I’ve uploaded a new beta version of e2publish.  It’s available as an AIR application from my website.

This new version has spell-checking (built using Squiggly) ….

…a powerful layout editor…

…much more control over the look of a document…

…and pull-quotes…

Remember, this project is still an early prototype.  Please report any bugs, and I welcome any comments and suggestions.  Still on the roadmap for this project is native menus on the PC, and document sharing.  That will probably come early next year.  (subject to my commitment to commercial projects).

Download the application from


December 24, 2009 at 1:42 pm 1 comment

e2publish. A tablet magazine 2.0 solution?

Just as I’ve released the first public beta of e2publish, I’ve seen a lot of articles about tablet magazines.  Clearly, two companies are fuelling the excitement.   Apple haven’t said they will release a tablet device – but everyone anticipates and expects this to happen next year.  Including Time inc. who have demonstrated a “tabletized” Sports Illustrated magazine, clearly targeted at an iTablet type of device.


The videos on the various web articles have inspired some ideas about enhancements I could wire into e2publish.  Having got as far as the first public prototype – I’m speculating a lot about the possibilities and applications anyway.  Although video and rich-media have always been on the roadmap.

The Sports Illustrated concept demo is an AIR application created by The Wonderfactory.  Wonderfactory’s AIR app, and my e2publish AIR app are clearly designed for very different, but related purposes.

The Wonderfactory have demonstrated the potential of a polished eye-candy-focussed magazine client/consumer-side player.  It is intended that the service will enable electronic publications to be disseminated from the (single) publishing house to the (many) readers.

A one to many relation.

The e2publish prototype demonstrates the potential of a functional/code-focussed magazine author/producer-side authoring tool.  It is intended that the service will enable electronic publications to be disseminated from the (many) enthusiasts (not professional publishing personnel) to the (many) readers.

A many to many relation.

This is why I’m calling the e2publish project a potential tablet magazine 2.0 solution.  Just as “Web 2.0” allowed non-technical users to write to the internet as well as read from it – I see e2publish, and the web service that I’m planning, will allow non-technical users to collaborate on the creation of electronic magazines.  Not just read them.

The next version of e2publish is likely to incorporate document sharing, spell-checking, and more emphasis on how to stylise the look of your document.

I’ve also been thinking about how a formatted document can be deployed to different devices.  Different screen sizes.  Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.  In my proposal for e2info (a Mobile hypercard/powerpoint type application), I mentioned the challenge to enable a page to be re-organised and presented in a different way depending on the screen size.  I didn’t get any OpenScreen funding – but that hasn’t stopped me thinking about the algorithm to accomplish this.

I discussed the restrictions of Adobe’s Font Licensing rules in a previous blog discussion.  Due to these restrictions, I removed some of the features in the e2publish prototype that allow advanced manipulation of text appearance.  I really hope that Adobe can work out a way to monetise the online use of its fonts, and introduce a less-restrictive licensing agreement.  If I wanted to create an eye-catching, stylised and individual tablet magazine format – I’d definitely want to consider the use of special fonts to achieve this.

December 4, 2009 at 4:14 pm 3 comments

First beta prototype of e2publish here now!

I’m irritable, sleep-deprived, and a little nervous about subjecting my creation to public scrutiny.

This is the first public beta test prototype of the sophisticated AIR publish application that I’ve been blogging about for a while.

An ambitious project such as this relies on the feedback of test users.  Comments, suggestions, recommendations, ideas, and bug reports.  Let me know what you think?  Please be kind and constructive.

You can download it (click on the install badge) at

There have been some minor changes to the interface since I made the video presentation below.  But it’s still a useful feature guide.

The most novel feature is way the text arranges itself to wrap around the pictures, wherever they are placed on the page.  I haven’t seen any other flash-based word-processor with such a powerful layout algorithm.

I’ve also uploaded new improved versions of e2spreadsheet and e2vector.  If you have an older version, you’ll need to remove it before installing this new one.

December 3, 2009 at 7:14 pm 1 comment

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