Forthcoming AIR application updates

November 5, 2009 at 5:19 pm Leave a comment

Along with the new e2publish (online publishing AIR application), I’ll also be releasing updates to e2spreadsheet and e2vector soon.

The next version of e2spreadsheet has:-

1. New, powerful OLAP totals feature.

2. More powerful cell formatting.  Choose currency symbol and number of decimals.

3. Choose number of frequency bins for frequency graph.

4. AVERAGE(), ABS(), ROUND(), TRUNC(), MIN() and MAX() functions added to formula language.

5. Cosmetic changes and a side-palette.

6. Undo graph palette position/resize bug fixed.

7. Append .e2s extension on files.

8. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

The next version of e2vector has:-

1. A new brush tool!

2. Import and export FXG files – meaning that you can transfer illustrations to and from Flash!

3. Undo pen tool drawing bug fixed.

4. Other bug fixes and improvements.

The overall plans is to make these client AIR applications stable and powerful.  Next I’ll write the server-side stuff to allow users to collaborate and share documents.

I’ll announce when all these updates are available here or on twitter.


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