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Gumbo. Substance behind the hype?

Just like everyone else, I downloaded the public beta of Gumbo as soon as I found out about it.  But is it better than its predecessor?

My biggest problem with Flex is the components and the framework.  I hate Adobe’s bloated swiss-army-knife software approach.  I waste so much time struggling with Flex components, trying to get those monolithic beasts to behave in the way I want them to.

In the pure-actionScript world, I deal with small and efficient fit-for-purpose components.  If something doesn’t quite do what I want, I inherit it and override or add what I want it to do.  Everything is small and easy to understand.  (No wading through hundreds of methods and properties in the Flex documentation or source code).

Hence developing an application in Pure ActionScript is ultimately faster than Flex.  Flex Builder may initially look easier, with its drag and drop interface – but that’s deceptive.  But Pure ActionScript development is faster in the long run because Flex is a blunt instrument that’s inept at crafting the details.

So this was the issue I expected to be addressed in Gumbo.  I’d heard about the new “Spark” components.  The word “Spark” carried connotations of “lightweight”, and “rapid”.  So I was hopeful that Adobe were moving away from Swiss-army-knife approach, in favour of something that empowers the programmer and their Object Oriented methodology.

But it doesn’t look like Gumbo gave us anything like this.  It will take a while for me to determine whether Gumbo is an improvement for the programmer (apart from the workflow with the graphic designer ).


June 4, 2009 at 6:47 am 9 comments

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